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“Aloha” is used as a greeting, a farewell and a way of life. We at Aloha Capital embody the core values of Aloha and emphasize excellence and integrity in every aspect of our business.  “Aloha” is the working philosophy of native Hawaiians, and is the essence of relationships in which each person is important to every other person for a positive collective existence.

  • Ala – alertness
  • Lokahi – working with unity
  • Oia’i’o – honesty
  • Ha’aha’a – humility
  • Ahonui – perseverance

Aloha Capital is a direct, hard money lender specializing in providing real estate investors, builders and developers with flexible funding alternatives to achieve their investment goals. We think outside the box in order to make loans suited to your unique requirements.  Aloha Capital seeks to be your preferred hard money lender, one phone call can get your deal funded in a matter of days.

Aloha Capital also offers clients opportunities to invest in loans collateralized by investment real estate.  Please contact us for additional information.